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Re: Thoughts on Global Transaction ID, parallel slave, and multi-source replication


Hi, Stewart!

On Aug 10, Stewart Smith wrote:
> > Suppose we instead make the decision on the _master_ on how to split
> > up the replication stream for parallel apply. Instead of a single
> > server-id for the master, we can have multiple - let us call them
> > "Source ID".
> >
> > On the _master_, we will decide that two transactions in different
> > databases are independent, and assign them different Source ID.
> How would this work with a cross database transaction that depends on
> previous transactions in both database?

Same as in MySQL - it won't, so don't use per-database splitting in this
case. You've missed the point, the main idea is about *where* to split
the replication stream on parallel "independent" source streams. But
*how* to split - is a separate question. There are many different
approaches, per-database is just one of those.


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