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Re: Thoughts on Global Transaction ID, parallel slave, and multi-source replication


Stewart Smith <stewart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Idea: if txn touches more than one database, record as metadata the
> position of other db, so slave just has to wait for at least that id to
> be applied in other database before applying this txn in this
> source. This seems like a relatively simple solution to the problem
> (unless i've missed something).

Yes, this sounds like an interesting idea. More generally, for a given
transaction with some global transaction ID, we can optionally log as extra
metadata a list of other global transaction IDs that slave must wait for
before executing this transaction.

In your example, there would be one element in the list, the global
transaction ID of the last transaction touching "other db". And it could be
used for lots of different other cases as well. Seems kind of nice.

But before that, I would want to look into something like this


which allows to apply transactions in parallel on the slave even within the
same table. This is a good supplement to the per-database parallel slave
apply, which is not sufficient for all applications.

 - Kristian.

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