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Re: Review/help needed with MDEV-532


Hi Serg!

Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> rpl.rpl_binlog_index 'row'               w7 [ fail ]  Found warnings/errors in server log file!
>         Test ended at 2012-09-13 15:44:01
> line
> 120913 15:43:48 [ERROR] mysqld: Table './test/t1' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
> 120913 15:43:48 [Warning] Checking table:   './test/t1'
> 120913 15:43:48 [ERROR] test.t1: 1 client is using or hasn't closed the table properly
> I assume this is related to how I create a background thread for the binlog,

I think I figured this out.

I was confused by how the replication code uses the same MYSQL_BIN_LOG class
for the binlog and the relay log. There is a flag MYSQL_BIN_LOG::is_relay_log
that can be used to distinguish, but it was set much too late in the
code. Once I changed this, my problem seems to have disappeared.

I'll still need review; I'll commit a new patch shortly and point you to it,
but it is not urgent.

 - Kristian.