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Cassandra SE: problems including it into release



>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Petrunia <psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sergei> Hello,
Sergei> I've figured there may be an additional challenge in getting Cassandra
Sergei> storage engine into a *MariaDB release*. The problem is packaging. 

Sergei> <contents>


Sergei> If I am faced with a choice betwen 
Sergei> 1. implementing a relatively simple network protocol
Sergei> 2. Making Thrift packages for various platforms (and potentially convincing 
Sergei>    downstream maintainers to accept them)

Sergei> then I will definitely pick #1 (I have implemented network protocols in the
Sergei> past).

Sergei> There is a big risk, though: native protocol support is very new in Cassandra,
Sergei> they pushed it about a week ago. It was pushed into their "trunk" which is 
Sergei> under development. I don't know if the code in their trunk is sufficiently 
Sergei> stable for us to develop againist.

There is another solution:

- Do 2) for one very common platform and release this as a 'lab'
  release.  This should be enough for us to get money from Tekes.
- As soon we know that #1 is a working solution and we have got people
  interested in testing the #1 solution, we can then go trough route #1.

The benefits are that we spend less hours developing against a
probably not stable protocol.