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Re: FYI: More ha_cassandra benchmark data


Sergei Petrunia <psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> === Conclusions ===
> - A confirmation of previous findings: if we use only one connection, the speed
>   at which we can insert the data is very limited (see: with two connections,
>   we have inserted 2x data in 20% more time.  This is where we used two
>   connections to connect to the *same* node)

This mirrors experience with NDB, "recent" NDB has option for mysqld to
make multiple connections to cluster, avoding mutex contention in the
NDB API library. My guess is that there's something similar for Cassandra.

> - I am not sure whether I should just start using multiple connections, or also
>   automatically route the data (both writes and reads) to the right node?
>    - need to check out Hector client. It seems to be able to connect to
>      multiple nodes of Cassandra cluster.

With NDB, both strategies saw performance improvement.

Stewart Smith

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