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Re: [Maria-discuss] Json Explain


@wlad is completely right!

Workbench introduced a Visual Explain based on JSON EXPLAIN as Blogged
here: http://www.arubin.org/blog/2012/09/26/mysql-visual-explain/

The very reason why JSON EXPLAIN was introduced in MySQL 5.6 could be that
Oracle develops the server and tools (WB, Enterprirse Monitor primarily) in
parallel.  Some recently introduced features in the server could be
introduced for the primary reason that they should be 'exploited' by MEM
and/or WB.  JSON EXPLAIN is one. Another example is the Performance_Schema
table introduced in 5.6.6 (I don't remember the table name)  that records
an 'aggregated summary' of queries' performance. Actually this table has
about the same information as what MONyog 'Query Analyzer' module displays
in its most simple display mode (but MONyog can be 'drilled down' to a more
detailed view).

So Oracle *thinks* the server and their most important tools *as a whole*,
I think. We/Webyog cannot ignore this, as we compete with Oracle (SQLyog
<-> WB, MONyog <-> MEM).  We have to consider to implement a more intuitive
and advisory way of displaying EXPLAIN results (for non-expert users
primarily of course). The JSON format is interesting for us in the context.

-- Peter

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> > For the moment we don't have a plan for that.
> >
> > The main reason is that the MariadB optimizer people don't like the
> > implementation and we are not sure how useful the current output
> > really is.
> >
> I guess json  is not for normal people to read , it is for programs to
> analyze and ,for example, display in a visually pleasing fashion. I believe
> this is the reason why Peter asks, and (I guess) the reason why Workbench
> has visual explain feature now for 5.6+.
> http://www.arubin.org/blog/2012/09/26/mysql-visual-explain/

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