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Re: Global transaction ID


I wonder if it will be possible to use replication with GTID's on a 'mixed
pool' or MariaDB and MySQL5.6 machines? Is this a concern or not? I see a
problem with the CLOUD where users may not be able to choose the server as
they want.  But if it is *plain impossible* to have both server versions in
a setup, that's it of course.  However if so this would then be MariaDB's
first 'major break-off' from Oracle/MySQL.

-- Peter
-- Webyog

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 2:54 PM, Kristian Nielsen

> Hi Kristian,
> Monty asked me to connect with you regarding global transaction IDs in
> MariaDB.
> I reviewed some time ago the MySQL 5.6 global transaction ID design and
> implementation. Unfortunately I really did not like what I found, to the
> point
> that I decided this was not something we would want to have or support in
> MariaDB (see https://lists.launchpad.net/maria-developers/msg04837.htmlfor an
> ealier mail on this). Both you and Giuseppe also had critisisms about it.
> Instead I came up with a (in my opinion) better design. I have now written
> this up in (great) detail here:
>     https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-26
> It would be great if you (/your team) could comment on this and how it
> relates
> to what you need or any comments/suggestions etc. I know it is a long text,
> and a complex problem, so also feel free to just ask me for any
> clarifications
> or explanations you would like, even without digging through the whole
> text.
> The basic idea is to keep the existing concept of a stream of replication
> events and a slave's current position within this stream, but in a way
> that is
> uniform across the whole multi-level replication topology (global
> transaction
> ID), and that facilitates simple scripting of automated promotion of a new
> master.
> I have thought for a long time over this problem and how to best approach
> it
> and make it work well both with existing replication usage and with new
> features like multi-source and parallel replication. It is hard to get
> right,
> but I am fairly pleased with what I have ended up with so far. I am hopeful
> that this will be a good way forward, but I very much welcome any comments
> or
> alternate suggestions.
> Regards,
> - (the other) Kristian.
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