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Re: (MDEV-3949) OTP authenticator plugins


hi sergei! sorry about wrong place, i'm new in mariadb and i bit lost,
since i changed from mysql development and error correction to mysql user
and now mariadb user
i will add my email to list and start asking there

about s/key, shure! if you could send and maybe put in mariadb by default
could be very nice! i'm using some windows and some linux server, in this
case i can't use only pam.d, and some linux servers don't give me a unix
user to use it :/ that's why i'm trying to find a OTP solution to mariadb,
and if not try to develop one (when i have time)

well if you could send your solution we could develop some more ideas for
sure, i'will not use it to make money, just to secure my self

2012/12/19 <serg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> ou ask a question - do it on the mailing list. Jira is for
> bug reports and feature requests.

Roberto Spadim
Spadim Technology / SPAEmpresarial

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