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Re: Kubuntu 12.04.1 and MariaDB


Giacomo Picchiarelli <gpicchiarelli@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm having troubles installing mariadb 10.0 in Kubuntu 12.04.1. When I try
> to install it, dependencies are getting enraged and apt (through synaptic
> or muon) suggests to remove kde-plasma-desktop. This happens when I try to
> install mariadb-server-core 10.0. Of course if I remove kde-plasma-desktop
> I can't use my kde desktop, because it depends on mysql packages.
> I was trying to install it for educational purpose, and try to build and
> make some tests.
> Do you have any suggestions?

Collect as much information as you can (including *full* output from
synaptic), and file a bug report. 10.0 is still alpha, and apparently there
are issues with the .deb packaging that need to be solved (the dependencies to
seamlessly replace mysql are quite complex)

Meanwhile, if you were trying to build MariaDB and make some tests, you do not
need .deb packages, you need the source .tar.gz. Or if you were trying to
setup your own server and run SQL against it, maybe you can use 5.5 or the
binary tarballs until the .deb can be fixed.

 - Kristian.