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Re: MDEV-318 IF (NOT) EXIST clauses for ALTER TABLE


Hi, Alexey!

On Jan 11, Alexey Botchkov wrote:
> But now i think it can be useful to perform the NOOP ALTER possible
> faster.

Agree. But I suppose it's easy. We're trying already to optimize certain
cases of ALTER TABLE to avoid copying the data. Like, changing certain
table attributes (comments, may be?). Taking into account a completely
no-op ALTER fit in well there.

> Otherwise i'm working now to reform the mysql_alter_table() so we can
> do the IF EXISTS checks in the same places where we return the errors
> about (not yet) existing objects.  It seems working, but the
> modification is going to be significant. Are we ok with big changes in
> this part of code?

If you say "it seems working", it means you have a (probably incomplete)
patch already. Could you send it to me, please, so that I could see how
big it is and what it is changing?