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Re: Structure of Binary Log


Nuno Rebocho <rebocho.nmg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The attractive hypothesis, develop a data recovery tool, never left my
> mind. I've been trying to learn together as a "Maria developers" team
> can get information about the structure of the log file from MySql to
> navigate this and obtain information needed for recovery.

I am not aware of any definitive manual for the MySQL/MariaDB binary log,
however there are various resources out there. For example, I wrote two
articles that give an overview of the events in the log:


My articles on group commit on the same blog would give you lots on
information on how the binary log is written. Google can probably find other
articles by other authors that might be useful.

Otherwise, the source code in the definite source of information. The binary
log code is in sql/log.cc. The code for creating and parsing events is in

I noticed you are now on the maria-developers@ mailing list, this will be a
good place to ask concrete questions about the binary log.

Good luck with your project!

 - Kristian.