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Re: Query Stuck in "closing table" State


Hi, Gordan!

On Mar 20, Gordan Bobic wrote:
>  I have a situation with MariaDB 10.0.0 where an INSERT INTO ...
>  SELECT query that takes 3 seconds to run ends up stuck in the closing
>  tables state for 15+ minutes while burning 100% of CPU.
>  I have seen bug reports dating back 5 years that sound very similar
>  but none of them are listed as resolved.
>  Is there a way to debug/troubleshoot this further? The problem is
>  quite intermittent. My data is in a state of constant flux so finding
>  an exact reproducible test case based on data lone isn't likely to be
>  viable. Is there a reasonable way to capture more detailed debug
>  information than what is available from "show full processlist"?

Next time you see that, you could try a poor man's profiler of Domas:

Simply, collect all the stack traces with

  gdb -ex "set pagination 0" -ex "thread apply all bt" \
    --batch -p $(pidof mysqld) > stack.traces

You can also repeat that few times, like, every five minutes.


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