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Re: Aria/MyISAM and MySQL 5.6.x Compressed Table Compatibility


Hi Gordan,

Could you please provide some more details in regard to
- which version of MySQL 5.6 you use,
- how you create the tables,
- how you archive the tables,
- what exactly happens when you put them on MariaDB -- does it fail to start, or does it throw an error trying to read from the table, or does it not see the tables at all, etc?

I tried a quick test on current MySQL-5.6 tree / MariaDB 10.0.0 release and didn't observe the problem, but it's likely that I'm missing something from your use case.

If you wish, please feel free to file a bug report in JIRA (you know the way), and we'll proceed there. If you want to use the list, it's not a problem, too.


On 3/19/2013 4:02 PM, Gordan Bobic wrote:
I'm having an issue with MariaDB 10.0.0. I have a bunch of
archived compressed MyISAM tables from MySQL 5.6.

I can move these around on MySQL 5.6 machines, but
when I put them on MariaDB 10.0.0 it fails to recognize them.

Has this been fixed in 10.0.1? If not, will it be fixed in 10.0.2?