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MariaDB 10 galera?



we have been playing around with 5.5.28-galera and went into more
serious testing with 5.5.29-galera. We are evaluating to move from a
traditional mariadb 5.2 master-slave setup to a 5 or 7 node galera
cluster for our production database.
I do have a good feeling so far and good experiences in our tests, but
as I won't be making any major upgrades any more once we really started
testing all of our processes on the galera cluster, I'd like to ask if
there is any timeline for a mariadb-10.0-galera release? I couldn't find
any information on the mariadb-website regarding further plans for
mariadb-galera. Is there any technical reason that no binaries of
mariadb-10-galera are available?


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