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New problem with GTID patch



Unfortunately with your recent commit (revision 3546) test
rpl.rpl_gtid_startpos doesn't work when GTID patch is applied on top
of 10.0.1 tarball. It works okay in 10.0-mdev26 though, so I'm not
sure if you'll want to look at the problem now.

In particular the problematic addition is

if (!is_relay_log && read_state_from_file())

to function MYSQL_BIN_LOG::open(). Without it test works. With it test
breaks in the section "Test that master gives error when slave asks
for empty gtid pos and binlog files have been purged". The problem is
when get_gtid_list_event() is called from gtid_find_binlog_file() it
returns event with count == 0. It causes contains_all_slave_gtid() to
return true and master doesn't send error to slave as expected...

I didn't look in any further details because I'm not familiar with
everything that should happen here that much. If you want me to look
at something else to better understand the problem let me know.


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