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Fedora test day for replacing MySQL with MariaDB


Hi all,

By now you must know of the movement to replace MySQL with MariaDB in Fedora-land (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ReplaceMySQLwithMariaDB). One important thing is to ensure that MariaDB is a drop-in replacement. Fedora is a fast-moving high quality Linux distribution, so their focus aims are to ensure that MariaDB and MySQL are compatible, data can be migrated easily and there are minimal/no upgrade issues (and if so, they need to be documented)

This is why on 30 April 2013, there is a Fedora test day dedicated to this very important task:

I plan to be on IRC for as long as humanly possible on #fedora-test-day (freenode) and will be watching the process closely. If you would like to participate, this is naturally welcome to help new MariaDB users



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