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log analyzer


Hi guys,

I was looking for something that give me the 'prepared statement' of a SQL
for example:
statment = SELECT * FROM table WHERE field="value"
prepared statement = SELECT * FROM table WHERE field=?

why do this? well my idea is build a log analyzer and get commong queries
since some programs don't use native prepared statement, reading the slow
query log, or query log only will give me many different queries

what i want is:
1)read queries log
2)get queries
3)get the 'prepared statement' of the query
4)create a table with prepared statement / unique id (maybe md5 of
(database name + prepared statement) )
5)create statistics using the unique id of prepared statement and check if
the same 'kind' of queries are running with a mean time, or have some low
and high times (for example) or getting information if some index is being
used or not, well here i have many ideas but it's not the 'problem' for now

the problem is the item (3), i have a query and i need the 'prepared
statement' of this query, even the query was not executed with prepared

others queries too (for now SELECT is enought, but in future others kinds
of query will be nice)

anyone know something that could do this job? maybe part of the mariadb
query parser could/should be used?
i was thinking about a command that could be executed in mariadb, today we
have the EXPLAIN, we could have PARSE or other name?

simplifying the problem: read the query, parse it and change constant
values with "?" willcard

thanks! any help is welcome
Roberto Spadim

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