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Re: To Sergei:


Hi, Samarth!

On May 16, Samarth Mathur wrote:
> Hi Sergei..
> just a few questions. Hope not to bother too much!
> does the .so file of two_questions exist in the mariadb 10.0.2 source code
> or was that just an example?

It certainly does!
The source code of the two_questions plugin is in the
plugin/auth_examples/dialog_examples.c file.

> Also, if I'm looking to implement pluggable authentication for LDAP,
> does the version of mariadb, i'm doing this on matter? if it does,
> which version would you recommend? I'm currently on v10.0.2..

It doesn't. 10.0.2 is fine.

> What is the advantage of going for a pluggable authentication over say a
> module made for the PAM plugin in mariadb?

This is a question that I want a project implementor to answer :)


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