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Re: Query cache information plugin - MDEV-4516


sergei, there's a public contribuition system like github for mariadb?

i put more information to query cache:
query_hits (per query)
rows_read (todo)
expend_time  (todo)

attached patchs
diff -u maria_db_5.5.31_original_file.xx my_changed_file.xx

todo work:
  get rows_read from query and put this information in qc
  get expend_time running query and put this information in qc

2013/5/25 Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> ops... please change ´ with  `
> attached again
> thanks guy!! :D
> 2013/5/25 Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> hi sergei =D work done :D
>> i put a last diff with tables used by the query
>> i used a char[] since i don't know how to use string or others function
>> in c :)
>> now query cache information is very very nice and beautiful =D
>> i'm putting code here too
>> it's mariadb 5.5.31
> --
> Roberto Spadim
> SPAEmpresarial

Roberto Spadim

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