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Re: Buildbot question


Sergey Vojtovich <svoj@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm observing pretty odd buildbot behavior with some of my pushes (probably
> merges). Bar and Daniel were unable to answer my questions and suggested to
> ask you instead.

The problem seems to be that Buildbot has become confused about revisions.
Look at the top of the page you linked, at the revisions for each column. You
will notice that they are not in order. The 3rd column is the highest
revision, which is probably why spider suite is enabled there (I assume you
pushed something to add the suite).

I see your current top revision in the tree is 3760, while the Buildbot page
has a newer revision 3767. It also looks like the Buildbot history contains
_another_ earlier revision that was also number 3760, maybe that is the cause
of the confusion (Buildbot perhaps thinks it is rebuilding the old 3760). You
can see your revision sorted as the first columns in this link:


This confusion usually happens because the tree was overwritten and revisions
became renumbered. This can happen due to bzr push --overwrite, but in your
case it is probably because you merged in the opposite direction.

When merging a tree A with a tree B and pushing to B, it is generally best to
merge A into B (cd to B and bzr merge A). This keeps the existing revision
numbers of B intact. In the main trees we have protection that enforces this,
but not in feature trees.

(I would be nice if we could fix Buildbot to prevent this confusion, but so
far noone has taken it upon themselves. At one point I asked the Launchpad/bzr
developers to make the revision id (as opposed to revision numbers) available
so that Buildbot could avoid using revision numbers completely, but the answer
was that "hiding revision ids was a feature" ...).

Usually the confusion is sorted out by itself on a following push, or you can
use the trick above adding width=N to the link to see the column of the
revision you want.

Hope this helps,

 - Kristian.

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