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MDEV-4581 , more query cache information fields


Hi guys, i sent a patch for qc_info plugin in MDEV-4581
Could mariadb team review and tell me what i should do, to put it in the
next release?

i will rewrite it, at 10.0.3 release, and change some things:

the add to query to cache, i will change to only a function call at
sql_cache.cc, and put the function at sql_cache.h

something like:
qc->qc_info_set_informations(insert time, rows_sent, rows_read, etc etc etc)

rewrite the part of query hit. to execute only a command too
qc->qc_info_hit(current_time, expend_qc_time, etc etc etc)

this will make sql_cache.cc code cleaner and sql_cache.h "dirty"
but will be more easly to read and patch future versions.
only add 2 lines to sql_cache.cc , and many lines to sql_cache.h
since sql_cache.h have the structure it will be easly to write function
call at struct than sql_cache.cc file

bye guys
Roberto Spadim