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query cache issue


guys, i sent some (many) MDEV issues to have a better control over query
i want to comment here to don't stay with this idea in my mind only...
i created some labels in JIRA:

querycache - relative to query cache
qc_info - relative to qc_info plugin
querycache_client - relative to implement query cache at client side (not
in server)
querycache_control - relative to DELETE queries in cache, DELETE tables in
querycache_insert - relative to prune of queries that should be or
shouldn't be cacheable
querycache_lowmen - realtive to what we could do if we get low men in query
querycache_result - features relative to when should or shouldn't hit query
cache when query is cached

if they will be or not implemented is another history
is labels ok? should i remove it?

Roberto Spadim

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