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Re: merge for MySQL56 temporal literals


Hello Wlad,

On 07/03/2013 01:30 PM, Vladislav Vaintroub wrote:

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+{d'2001-01-01 10:10:10'};

This (the second value, I mean) is what, backward compatibility?

These are ODBC escape sequences.


IIRC, applications like MSQuery and MSAccess use this format.

Bar, in the documentation above, for  ODBC escape sequences  (those are used
in JDBC as well),  there is a space between curly brace and literal type,
and space after the literal type and before ' .

Like, { d '2001-01-01 10:10:10' } has space after '{' and after 'd'.

Maybe the documented form with spaces works with your patch , as well .
however there are no tests that prove it ,i.e all tests have no spaces in
the literals

Yes, optional spaces between all parts of the ODBC-style
syntax work fine. sql_yacc.yy sees them as four separate lexical tokens:

   '{' ident expr '}'

so there are no problems with spaces.

Thanks for noticing this. I have added tests with spaces.