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Hi Rich, i just see some guys using OLAP, i don't have a full understand of
what's OLAP
I think we can do with sql, but i don't know how guys use it, they talk
about linq (.net functions), mdx and cubes, check this:

I saw guys using with sql server and oracle servers, but i really don't
know how usefull they are
In a high level i think that's a tool that run over sql layer, something
that tcp is over ip protocol, they have cubes (views), measures (columns)
and dimensions (rows). i think that each cube is a sql query (? maybe i'm
wrong) and measures are columns, and dimensions are rows, something like
versions of these measures, or maybe view this as a cube, something like
X/Y/Z axis
well i don't really know what this could do, they tell that's for
datamining and get more information about data, i didn't see something like
this (datamining) in mysql/mariadb, that's why i asked
i take a look many times ago about column database, that's a nice tool but
i don't think it's something that guys see as OLAP solution, column
database have a really nice use and can optimize many things

well any information is welcome, i will search more about it, maybe it's a
easy tool to implement (maybe not) but if it's usefull we could give a try
thanks Rich

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