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More enum values in enum fields


Hi guys, i have a problem, that i don't know how to easly solve (ok i know
but i want the user easy way)

i have a ENUM column with some values (today 248 distinct values)

i see that in a near future i will have more than 65535 different values
inside this enum column, the first solution is change it to varchar, but my
problem will be data size
the enum is very optimized in size, a char is 'converted' to a smallint

my second solution is a int column, and a external table with int/text
values, but here i need to change apps, i don't want the second one, but i
don't want a very big database (char column)

how could i change the limit of enum size?
maybe a new enum2 type? with a limit of bigint value (64bits), ok maybe
less (32bits)

today (reading code) i see that big  enum is a problem for .frm file that
don't allow this size of enums and i need to get back to a second table,
but what should be done to allow a very big enum field? there's a "easy"
way to change mariadb code to allow a bigger enum size?

thanks guys
Roberto Spadim

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