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Value returned by my_getcputime



(This is my first post to this list; long-time follower, however.)

I've been looking at the block comment at the top of the my_getcputime()
function at the bottom of the file mysys/my_getsystime.c

The block comment reads: Return cpu time in milliseconds * 10

I interpret milliseconds * 10 to mean centiseconds (seconds * 10 ^ -2)

I'm pretty sure I've convinced myself that it REALLY returns:

seconds * 10 ^ -7

I think it would be more accurate to have the block comment read:

Return cpu time in microseconds / 10

Am I "up in the night"?

(I think the code itself is fine, and the callers of the function all do it
correctly. I was just initially confused when I looked at the comment then
the code.)

Thanks in advance!

Weldon Whipple

(P.S. I think I like Maria's implementation of userstat_v2 better than the
original by Google/Percona ...)

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