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Re: MariaDB 10.0.4 Release Prep


Hi again, some considerations about my last email, that i think should be
important to include in next release...

About MDEV-4687,
   i think that it MUST be in next release, i have a stock system with
statistic tables that use date based values, and when i use <= to get the
last day that have stock values, it return no rows, instead of real rows,
this make me crazy for some days and many stock values wrong!
   i changed those tables to myisam (just to test) and the problem was
   i put the bug at mariadb jira, and after some time Sergei Petrunia sent
a patch that solved the problem, i patched my production server (yes i'm
running 10.0.3 on production without big problems, just this one), and now
they run nice, please consider this as a very important feature to merge to
10.0.4 release and next 5.5, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1 releases too (i don't know if
there's test cases for this, but i tested 10.0.3 and sergei and elena
tested 5.5.?)

About MDEV-4581
   i think it isn't accepted yet since it don't have tests, and have a
macro not well defined yet

      +#ifdef QUERY_CACHE_QC_INFO_PLUGIN             /* for more
information see MariaDB - MDEV-4682 */

   this could be removed without problems (source runs with it definned or
not, the MDEV-4682 is statistics about query hits), and run without
problems without the MDEV-4682 being accepted (without macro defined and
sql_cache.cc/sql_cache.h patch)