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Re: MDEV-4472 Audit-plugin. Server-related part of the task


07.09.2013 16:14, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
Hi, Holyfoot!
+  //local_mysql_data_home= (char *)GetProcAddress(0, "mysql_data_home");
+  //local_mysql_data_home= mysql_data_home;
+//#endif /*_WIN32*/
I think you can completely remove this and the #ifndef above.
For your MySQL plugin you can simply #include this in the plugin body

I actually meant it but something went wrong with my file versions. Sorry.
The correct patch was resent.

    int result;
I believe you've added recently a test to disable rotation if number of
rotations is 0?

Though that was added in the SERVER AUDIT tree.
But since i'm recommitting, i moved the change here.

See the new patch here:

Best regards.