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Re: Rollback causes assertion with Galera 10.0


Jan Lindström <jplindst@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> (gdb) p cache_log
> $1 = {pos_in_file = 11936128518282651045, end_of_file = 18446744073709547520,

> (gdb) p *cache_log.pos_in_file
> Cannot access memory at address 0xa5a5a5a5a5a5a5a5

Ouch. That looks like memory corruption :-(

Seems something has overwritten the start of cache_log with invalid memory
data. 0xa5 is what safe_malloc puts in newly allocated memory, so it is
uninitialised data.

Are you able to repeat the issue with Valgrind? That would probably be quite
useful to pinpoint where the invalid memory access is happening.

Another way to get more information is to repeat the error while the server is
running with debug trace enabled (--debug=+d). This will generate a _lot_ of
output. But given that there is uninitialised memory issues, Valgrind is
likely to give more useful info.

What are you doing to produce the error?

 - Kristian.

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