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Re: updating a string session variable from a storage engine



To clarify things a bit:

>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sergei> Hi, Rich!
Sergei> On Sep 12, Rich Prohaska wrote:
>> i have a MYSQL_THDVAR_STR session variable in my storage engine.  i
>> want to update its value from the storage engine.  it was suggested
>> that i use "THDVAR(x)=new_value" to do it.  i noticed that
>> update_func_str is NOT called, so i wonder about the contract.  is the
>> caller responsible for memory management?  i used PLUGIN_VAR_MEMALLOC
>> for the var def.

Sergei> Yes. When you assign from your code, it's just a normal assignment.
Sergei> You can assign anything you want.

Which of course means that you have to take care of the memory
management of any value you assign.

Sergei> The update function is called when a value is assigned from SQL, like
Sergei> with

Sergei>   SET @@session.engine_x = new_value

If the variable is something the user also can assign a value,
then you should use my_malloc()/my_strdup() to allocate the value
and mark the variable with PLUGIN_VAR_MEMALLOC (see update_func_str()).

If the variable is readonly, then you can assign the variable anything
and just free things when your storage engine unloads.