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Re: [All] MariaDB's best (download) month ever


Colin Charles <byte@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It's 17.09 today, and we've hit 50,160 total downloads (this number is
> considered company-internal, we don't share this number externally).

"company-internal"? What have you been smoking? Colin, you are supposed to be
the community guy for crying out lout :-(

This is *completely*, utterly unacceptable.

MariaDB is a community project. We are about openness. We are about working
together, all of us, to create a better world. We are *not* some individuals
or companys playground.

So no, the community's usage numbers of its own project is not "internal",
thank you very much.

So please cut out the crap already.

 - Kristian.

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