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Re: Galera-10.0 still does not work with rollbacks


Jan Lindström <jplindst@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I need help. After merge galera-10.0 with 10.0, rollback asserts. I seem not to
> be able to find the actual reason. I added some extra output on log.cc to dump
> out the cache_log data from both trx_cache and stmt_cache, but to me these
> values do not really mean anything, here some values from the beginning:
> I do not follow why those pos values are so big ?

Indeed. This strongly suggests that some memory corruption, or access of
uninitialised memory, is happening.

Did you manage to repeat it with Valgrind? If the problem is memory
corruption, it is really hard to tell the origin of the problem from the
information given here - the real problem could be in a completely different
part of the code...

 - Kristian.

> 130919  9:25:51 [ERROR] WSREP: ::jan_BINLOG_COMMIT:: TRX: Pending (nil) pos 0,
> pos_in_file 140514620666192 current_pos 140514620731584 request_pos
> 140514620731688 write_pos 67383728

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