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Review request : MDEV-4476 (mytop tracker)



I have been doing modifications to the MariaDB mytop version (which is shipped on the /scripts directory), especially for bugfix, small display optimizations, use when available the I_S.PROCESSLIST instead of SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST and recently to show 1/10th of seconds on queries running time on servers having the TIME_MS column on the PROCESSLIST.

A more detailed list :
- Control chars on queries are not displayed anymore to avoid possible command executions/mytop misbehaving : when a query having control chars (ASCII 000 to 037) in it is shown in mytop, it can act like a key was pressed and end up doing strange/unwanted things. - Display cannot overlap the terminal size anymore when fullqueries is activated. - If not all the queries are shown on screen, a "-- Truncated query list --" is shown on the bottom of the query list. - It is now using the informations from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST when available instead of the SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST output for a better modularity is a similar maneer as Innotop does. - The query time is now shown with the 1/10th of second precision on servers having the TIME_MS patch (MariaDB and Percona) for queries running for less than 10000 seconds. - Command summary view fixed to retreive/show only the Com_* values and not the Com* (was showing a "Compression" stats row for this boolean variable). - Better have_query_cache test in case other values than ON/OFF/DEMAND would be introduced.

Another detail that could be good to fix for MariaDB 10 GA is that the script is shipped as mytop.sh on MariaDB while its a Perl script (it is for example shipped as /usr/bin/mytop on Debian/Ubuntu official packages of mytop).

The JIRA task : https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-4476
The GIT repository where i put the latest revisions (i only have been using it lately but i commented all the changes and bugfixes along the time on the JIRA task and could provide older revisions/diff if required) : https://github.com/jb-boin/mariadb/blob/5.5.30/scripts/mytop.sh

Feel free to contact me for more informations.

Thanks in advance,
    Jean Weisbuch