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Re: [Commits] Rev 3702: Fixed bug mdev-5105. in file:///home/igor/maria/maria-5.3-mdev5105/



10.10.2013 20:08, Igor Babaev пишет:
At file:///home/igor/maria/maria-5.3-mdev5105/

revno: 3702
revision-id: igor@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20131010170826-dl2xwc048hvnxmau
parent: igor@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20131004165107-0hdknrn9111ojupx
committer: Igor Babaev <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
branch nick: maria-5.3-mdev5105
timestamp: Thu 2013-10-10 10:08:26 -0700
   Fixed bug mdev-5105.
   The bug caused a memory overwrite in the function update_ref_and_keys()
   It happened due to a wrong value of SELECT_LEX::cond_count. This value
   historically was calculated by the fix_fields method. Now the logic of
   calling this method became too complicated and, as a result, this value
   is calculated not always correctly.
   The patch changes the way how and when  the values of SELECT_LEX::cond_count
   and of SELECT_LEX::between_count are calculated. The new code does it just at
   the beginning of update_ref_and_keys().

OK to push.