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Debian/Ubuntu packages



I’m working on fixing the dependency issues with MariaDB 5.5.33a vs MySQL 5.5.34.

When I’m ready to publish my fix, what version number should I give it? The current packages have the version 5.5.33a+maria-1~CODENAME, where CODENAME is the code name for the Debian or Ubuntu release (ie. “sid” or “precise”, etc). Since I am not changing any code, it seems like like 5.5.33a should remain the same. I expected that the fixed package would be 5.5.33a+maria-2~CODENAME, but autobake-deb.sh assembles that version string and the 1 is hardcoded, not set by a variable. The two variables RELEASE_NAME and RELEASE_EXTRA can insert text between “+maria-“ and “1”. What is this project’s versioning convention in regards to changes that only affect the packaging?


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