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Re: Thoughts on a variable to control high resolution temporal type format and rounding behavior?


Hi, Jeremy!

On Nov 13, Jeremy Cole wrote:
> >
> > Bar made a point about sysvars being difficult for replication.
> >
> > I'd say, it depends on your use case. If it's important to run
> > CREATE TABLE on the master and have a temporal column to be created
> > on the slave using exactly the same binary on-disk format
> > (especially, if one expects to change this sysvar often) - then
> > sysvar changes must be replicated, and it would need special support
> > from the replication code.
> >
> > Otherwise - if the above is not the goal - then sysvar is a good and
> > clean approach, agree.
> I think there are two cases here with different goals perhaps:
> 1. The on-disk storage format
> This is really in the purview of the DBA, not the user. I don't think
> using sql_mode or allowing the user to choose is appropriate. The DBA
> must decide whether they want compatibility with older MariaDB or
> compatibility with newer MySQL, and the user should not be able to
> compromise that.  Additionally, we should not follow the master's
> choice here, as divergence in this is a valid (and maybe desired)
> upgrade path -- so I think replicating this is unnecessary. I would
> opt for a global + session sysvar.

Okay, then sysvar is good.

> 2. The rounding behavior
> This is unfortunate and not easy to solve; I think it is in both the
> DBA and the user's purview in two different and slightly conflicting
> ways:

On a second thought, I'd go with a sysvar too. It wouldn't be the only
sysvar that affects the results, and must be replicated. For example,
@@div_precision_increment is also one of those, if the master and slave
have is set differently, they'll start to diverge.

So, I'd rather have a separate solution that covers replication and all
such sysvars, instead of trying to put everything into sql_mode.