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Re: Semisync plugin incompatibility


Hi, Kristian!

On Nov 14, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Pavel Ivanov <pivanof@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > So basically my question is: if I prepare a patch that will restore
> > the original behavior of semi-sync replication (and remove the tests
> > added for Bug#45672) will that be acceptable for MariaDB?
> I don't have anything against it, as I said I do not have much opinion
> on semi-sync one way or the other.
> But I would like to hear at least one other opinion (Serg maybe?)

I don't have it. I think semi-sync is a pretty fragile hack that simply
cannot work correctly in the general case - at best it can work for
someone in special use cases. Thus I don't care much what the subset of
these cases is, and I don't have anything against your proposed change.


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