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Re: Review for maria/10.0-serg/revision/3899 (MDEV-5248 Serious incompatibility and data corruption of DATETIME and DATE types due to get_innobase_type_from_mysql_type refactor combined with InnoDB Online DDL)


> > Huh. Sorry, I didn't notice the change to the value being switch'ed
> > on. Why change this? This is a pretty dangerous (IMHO) deviation from
> > MySQL which may cause problems, and is unnecessary. Why not just stick
> > with exactly what MySQL is doing in 5.6, plus whatever minor changes
> > are needed to support MariaDB-format microsecond time?
> Because changes to support MariaDB format make switch into a dead code.
> Or into redundant code, depending on whether I put if() before the
> switch or after. Because this if() has to be there, and it does cover
> all temporal type variants, MariaDB or MySQL.
> I rather add a test case to verify that 5.6-style temporal2 types are
> mapped correctly.

Ah, I think I misunderstood your original statement about the switch(). The
code looks fine, I think.