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Re: MariaDB build dependencies


Otto Kekäläinen <otto@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Can anybody tell me how in particular these are supposed to affect the
> build process?
> - libevent-dev

I think libevent was at some point used for the thread pool. But that the
current thread pool implementation does not use libevent due to performance
reason. So it should be safe to remove libevent-dev from the build

Note that tests/async_queries.c requires libevent. But it is just an example,
and it doesn't really need to be packaged. tests/async_queries.c will just not
be built if libevent is not available.

> - doxygen, texlive-latex-base, ghostscript | gs-gpl

Yeah, I always wondered that as well. Maybe something related to generating
documentation or similar, that was used at some point? It should be fine to
omit it.

Additional comments:

 - libtool (>= 1.4.2-7), automake1.9

I suppose a remnant from pre-5.5 where autotools were used, should be fine to

 - procps | hurd

Seems debian/rules uses /proc to guess a good make -j value, and jemalloc
config.guess tries to guess the CPU from it. Neither is a good argument to
keep it in build-dep

 - Kristian.

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