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Re: [Commits] Rev 3984: MDEV-4439 ALTER TABLE .. [ADD|DROP] FOREIGN KEY IF [NOT] EXISTS does not work if constraint name is not used. in file:///home/hf/wmar/10-hf/


Hi, Jan!

On Feb 06, Jan Lindström wrote:
> Hi,
> I agree all other points except the fact that you do not need to use
> SHOW commands. Applications might rely on fact that internal foreign
> key names on InnoDB are form <table_name>_ibfk_<n>. But maybe this is
> only a minor 'matter'.  Current, patch handles only InnoDB part not
> XtraDB, these should work similarly, to avoid confusion.

Yes, I've fixed this too when I fixed test cases
(because we run many tests for innodb and xtradb with the same result
file, so any difference shows up).

Thanks, Jan! I take it that you no longer oppose this change, and I'll
push it today.