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Re: Replication consistancy in MaxScale


Thanks Kristian,

this is really useful for MaxScale. It should aid the read/write splitting a lot and give us a great advantage using MariaDB with MaxScale.


On 6 Mar 2014, at 18:56, Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Mark Riddoch <mark.riddoch@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> We have been looking for a cheap way to find this out and came up with an
>> idea for MariaDB 10 that might be good to discuss. If we use the global
>> transaction ID we can get the current master ID and the current GTID form
>> each slave and use them to compare and discover if a slave is lagging based
>> on a single connection from a client or the entire server. Clearly we can
>> get this by jus asking in a polling monitor loop, but what would be really
>> good would be to have a function in MariaDB that we could call that would
>> wait for the GTID id to change and return the new GTID. THen we could have a
>> monitor that makes this blocking call and get's to know the new GTID very
>> quickly compered to having to have some form of poling loop, which would
>> limit to the rate of change that could be detected to the polling rate of
>> the monitor.
> See here:
>    http://kristiannielsen.livejournal.com/18308.html
> It's similar to what you describe. MASTER_GTID_WAIT() is already in 10.0 (I
> can't remember if it is in 10.0.8, else it will be in 10.0.9).
> Note that if you really want to wait for any change in GTID on a slave, you
> can just take the current @@gtid_slave_pos, add one to every sequence number,
> and wait for that.
> - Kristian.