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Re: parallel replication performance


Hi Kristian,

Axel Schwenke wrote:
> Kristian Nielsen wrote:
>> The short story is that for this kind of configuration, it will be necessary
>> to configure @@slave_domain_parallel_threads to be at most the value of
>> @@slave_parallel_threads divided by the number of domain ids used. Eg. with 32
>> databases/domains, --slave-parallel-threads=64
>> --slave-domain-parallel-threads=2. Otherwise the domains will starve each
>> other for threads, leading to poor parallelism.
> OK, that is something a can easily add to the configuration. I'll schedule
> two more runs of the benchmark for that.

And here we go. I have run two nearly identical benchmarks, #18 and #19 with
the only difference being the setting of slave-domain-parallel-threads which
is max(1, slave-parallel-threads/number_domains) for #18 and the default for

I have made a comparison spreadsheet for the "safe" slave. It shows that #19
(default settings, left on that sheet) gives better relative and absolute
slave performance in almost all cases, compared to #18.


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