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TIME/DATETIME/TIMESTAMP data types with fractional precision



I propose to switch to MySQL-5.6 TIME/DATETIME/TIMESTAMP formats
by default and deprecate MariaDB native temporal data types,
together with pre-5.6 non-fractional types.

The problem is that MariaDB native data types
(and MySQL-5.5 non-fractional data types)
do not work with row based replication in case of:
  TIME(N) -> TIME(M)

There is no metadata telling about the column precision
in the binary log file. It can only work when N=M.

MySQL-5.6 uses separate type codes for the temporal data types:
and does put precision into metadata in the binary log.

So it works for N != M.

There is a JIRA task for this:

MDEV-5377 Row-based replication of MariaDB temporal data types with FSP>0 into a different column type

I'd propose to do it in 10.1.x,
as 10.0.x is too late.


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