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Re: MariaDB 5.5.37 release prep


On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 7:12 PM, Daniel Black
<daniel.black@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for getting this started.

You're welcome!

> Release notes:
>> XtraDB updated to the version from percona-server-5.5.36-34.0
>> TokuDB updated to version 7.1.5
> upgraded from what? What was the previous version? Is there a link of readable changes (not code diffs) that occurred for this? Even including major additions and fixes here as sub-points would be good too as there are core and important parts of MariaDB.

The versions of TokuDB in MariaDB are listed on the TokuDB page in the
Knowledge Base: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/tokudb/

Likewise, the versions of XtraDB included in MariaDB are listed on the
About XtraDB page: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/about-xtradb/

I've added a link to the release notes page to point people at the
Percona changelog.

> The change log mentions several assertion fixes, memory leaks, and potentially wrong results that should be in the release notes. It should also include major features and improvements, like the audit plugin that you've done, and improved performance in queries.

Please provide a list of the items you think should be in the release
notes and I'll be happy to add them. You are, naturally, free to add
them to the release notes page yourself if you'd like.

> I think there should be a separate section dealing with packaging errors broken up by platform.

This would be a good thing to have. Would you like to do it?

> Also change log entries like Revision #4110.1.1 and others mentioning the internal functions of mysql not working in a particular way give really no clue as to the impact is for those not familiar with the code base. Trees of merges in changelog don't actually mean anything substantial to me. Is the audience of the change log the developers that have done the work? or some wider user base of mysql users? If so its not there yet.

The changelog is no more than a list of every change made with the
original message the developer made when making the push, the date and
time of it, and a link to the change on launchpad so interested
persons can see the code that was changed.

I tend to think of the changelog as being more for developers (not
just the MariaDB developers) and the release notes for everyone.

The release notes could certainly be improved. It's just a matter of
finding people to do the improving.

Thanks for the feedback!

Daniel Bartholomew, MariaDB Release Manager
MariaDB | http://mariadb.com