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Re: mdev6027 RLIKE: "." no longer matching new line (default_regex_flags)


Hi, Alexander!

On Apr 17, Alexander Barkov wrote:
> Hello Serg,
> Please review a patch implementing a new system variable
> default_regex_flags, to address the remaining incompatibilities
> between PCRE and the old regex library.
> Greetings.

Just one comment:

> === modified file 'sql/item_cmpfunc.cc'
> --- sql/item_cmpfunc.cc	2014-03-26 21:25:38 +0000
> +++ sql/item_cmpfunc.cc	2014-04-16 12:53:20 +0000
> @@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
>  #include "sql_parse.h"                          // check_stack_overrun
>  #include "sql_time.h"                  // make_truncated_value_warning
>  #include "sql_base.h"                  // dynamic_column_error_message
> +#include "sys_vars_shared.h"           // default_regex_flags_pcre

default_regex_flags_pcre should not be in sys_vars_shared.h and
item_cmpfunc.cc should not include sys_vars_shared.h.

See the comment in sys_vars_shared.h:

  This header is included by files implementing support and utility
  functions of sys_var's (set_var.cc) and files implementing
  classes in the sys_var hierarchy (sql_plugin.cc)

so, this is not a file for exporting symbols to sysvar users.
But set_var.h is.

You can put your default_regex_flags_pcre() in set_var.h, where
expand_sql_mode() and sql_mode_string_representation() are.


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