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Re: [Maria-discuss] PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA to be disabled in 10.0 (10.0.12)


Hi, Roberto!

On Jun 03, Roberto Spadim wrote:
> hi sergei, i think it's easy too
> maybe we could have some kind of servers, one for debug, one for
> production with instrumentations features and a clean server without
> intrumentations, just an idea, i think some time ago mysql was
> releasing mysql-dev, mysql-debug, mysql-xxx i'm wrong?

Yes, it was. And it was confusing and we had to explain all the time
what MySQL-max was and how it was different from simply "MySQL".
I wouldn't want to repeat this experience.

But in this particular case it is not necessary at all. As far as I
understand, Pavel will compile his own binary anyway. The only issue
is that MariaDB does not compile without performance schema at all.
And it happens because we don't normally compile without performance
schema, so when such a configuration breaks, we simply don't notice it.

But now I've reconfigured one of the builders in buildbot to compile
MariaDB without performance schema. And we'll immediately notice when
it won't compile, so in the future we can be sure that MariaDB can be
built without performance schema. Even if we won't release binaries that
were built that way.


> > On Jun 03, Pavel Ivanov wrote:
> >> I personally would prefer if MariaDB had performance schema not
> >> compiled in by default. Then we wouldn't be frustrated every time we
> >> upgrade and find out that the tarball doesn't compile without
> >> performance schema (yes, 10.0.11 doesn't compile).
> >
> > This is easy to fix. I'll change one of our builders (that doesn't
> > do release packages) to compile without performance schema.
> >

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