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Re: [GSoC] self-tuning optimizer


Hi, Anshu!

On Jun 08, Anshu Avinash wrote:
> Hi all,
> As per serg comments on the previous commit, I have modified the code to
> add an init function which will initialize all the cost factors at the
> start of the server. The latest code is at
> https://github.com/igniting/server/commits/selfTuningOptimizer. I have also
> attached the diff here.
> However, I am still not able to come up with an example for my test case
> for READ_TIME_FACTOR and SCAN_TIME_FACTOR. I will go through the code again
> to figure it out. Currently the test case which I have written just gives
> the workflow: EXPLAIN SELECT ...; Update constant tables directly;
> Reconnect; EXPLAIN SELECT.

For a simple test case, try something like the following:

  create table t1 (a int auto_increment primary key, b int);
  insert t1 (b) values (1),(2),(3),...

I think, about 20-30 rows should be enough.

  explain select t1 where a > 15;

it doesn't have to be 15, try to experiment with different constants in
the query. Pick the one where 'a > N' gives you a table scan (explain
shows 'ALL'), but with 'a > N+1' explain shows 'range'.

Now, modify one of your cost factors and try again. explain should change
from 'ALL' to 'range'.

I'll send a second email soon with my comments about your patch,
thanks for attaching it!