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Re: [Maria-discuss] MariaDB encryption


Hi again,

> What is the type of license of your code?

I asked internally about license, and it seems like we releasing dual
gpl2/apache licensed code.

> I would like to know, which interfaces from maria-DB you are using.

I don't 100% understand the question.
We didn't write any actual encryption code, but used the one provided in
Other than that, we didn't really "use interfaces", but rather
added/modified functionality/interfaces here and there.

Can you be more specific ?


On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 11:20 PM, Elmar Eperiesi-Beck <elmar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> wrote:

> Hi!
> We (eperi) would be glad to do a joined work with Google.
> Our solution works with MS-SQL, Oracle and other DBs and we are currently
> porting it to MariaDB - and - as Monty said - its never to late to put some
> sources together and make the best for the open source community.
> What is the type of license of your code?
> Jonas, I am looking forward to connect to you directly.
> Regards
> Elmar
> Hi!
> > Hi Jonas,
> > (same Jonas we know from NDBCLUSTER? :-) Good to see you again)
> >
> > On 6 Jun 2014, at 02:31, Jonas Oreland <jonaso@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> >> Hi there,
> >> I read this blog post
> >>
> http://monty-says.blogspot.com/2014/05/for-your-eyes-only-or-adding-better.html
> >> and wanted to inform you that we at Google has developed
> on-disk/block-level encryption for Innodb, aria (as used by temporary
> tables), binlogs and temp-files.
> >> The code is not yet published, but we expect it to be within a few
> weeks or so.
> >> We (of course?) think that it would be better if you instead of
> developing new code
> >> spent the time testing/reviewing ours.
> We are out course happy to do this!
> >> I'm happy to answer questions on the topic,
> >> and will let you know once we've published it.
> The main question I have about the Innodb encryption is if it based on the
> compression code we did for fusion-io?
> The idea we had on our side was that by using the new compression hooks we
> could add encryption with very little changes to the Innodb code.
> Looking forward to when you are ready to publish the code so we can
> discuss your changes in detail.
> > This is great news!
> >
> > From what I gather, from Monty's blog post (and a 1:1 we had some time
> back), this is something done by a partner/external company that has a
> mostly OSS solution, that we should integrate into 10.1
> Yes,  that's correct. It I would have known that Google was working on
> encryption I would have included them in my discussions with eperi.
> Fortunately it's not yet too late to do this.
> I am sure eperi would like to work on the Google code as a base!
> > That said, Google's release of something that works for InnoDB, Aria,
> binlogs, temp files (and presumably not too hard to add for MyISAM) is
> something we should definitely review and target for 10.1
> Yes!
> Regards,
> Monty

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