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Re: [GSoC] self-tuning optimizer


Hi, Anshu!

Please, don't forget to cc: maria-developers@ when discussing
development topics.

On Jun 18, Anshu Avinash wrote:
> What I meant to say was we need N "linearly independent" equations to
> solve for N variables and that might not be the case. Some of the
> queries might not use any factor at all or use one factor more often.

Yes, you're right, of course.

> > Later we'll see what to do - perhaps we'll need to decrease the limit,
> > or set it exactly to N  (which means, the solution won't be "best
> > fitting" anymore). But this will be not in this GSoC, not your project.
> > I'm sure that in this project we won't have enough factors for memory
> > usage to become an issue :)
> Yes, I'll start with a basic least squares fitting model without caring
> much about the memory usage for now.

Sounds good.