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Re: Doubt in bin logging for CREATE VIEW


Hi, Sriram!

On Jun 19, sriram patil wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was checking the behavior of bin logging in various methods. I found out
> CREATE VIEW differs a little bit than others in bin logging.
> The query is written into bin log if query is executed successfully. If
> there is any error the query is not logged. This behavior is observed
> across all the commands.
> In case of CREATE VIEW (method: mysql_create_view file: sql/sql_view.cc),
> while the bin logging is skipped for most of the errors by jumping to "err"
> label, it is not skipped
> Is there a specific reason why it is logged even though an error occurs? Or
> is it a bug?

Looks like a bug to me too. It's easy to see in the history -
git blame shows that this binlog-writing chunk was added in
commit e6eef5c1a765d27e1a8d1c7d707fb416dfa0ec2f.

Commit comment and changes to other files in the same commit show that
the goal was to move binlogging code inside mysql_create_view (and
other similar functions), it was outside before. And before that commit
no binlogging was done if mysql_create_view() failed.

So, apparently that commit has introduced a bug that you've now found.
Good job :)


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